Smart Solutions for Economic Development
Since 1997 CRI has been creating innovative solutions for governments and donors to address development challenges in the areas of economic growth, fiscal sustainability, poverty reduction, and food security.

Our Services

Integrated Investment Appraisal

Our cost benefit analysis methodology integrates financial, economic, stakeholder and risk analysis together in a consistent manner. It vastly cuts down the time and resources required for completing an appraisal of a project.

Public Finance Management

We assist governments in their effort to develop modern taxation policies and to introduce effective taxation and public investment management systems. The PFM systems we design are focused to deliver performance to the government administration while minimizing the compliance costs imposed on residents.

Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing

CRI capacity building programs have equipped thousands of professionals with advanced analytical skills in integrated investment appraisal, tax analysis and revenue forecasting, and techniques for provision of modern financial sector services to SMEs.

Financial Modelling

Our portfolio includes 400+ investment projects in an array of sectors including agriculture, transportation, power, manufacturing, health, and education. All our models follow FAST standards. They are easy to navigate, interrogate and understand.

Software Development

We specialize in developing software solutions that are tailor-made to address the needs of our clients. We deliver custom built software applications and mobile solutions, run software testing, perform in-depth product analysis, provide technology management, support and expertise.

Knowledge Sharing

We translate our consulting work into development discussion papers and academic publications to disseminate lessons learnt. Every year CRI associates publish articles in leading academic journals.

Why Us

Advanced Skills

From our inception we work in collaboration with the world’s top universities including Harvard University, Queen’s University, and Eastern Mediterranean University.


Thousands of professionals have completed our executive education programs and specialized trainings delivered to employees of governments, and development agencies in over 30 countries in the world.


Hundreds of publications, thousands of citations, and tens of thousands of downloads. We value knowledge transfer and disseminate lessons learnt to a broader audience through our academic work.

We are pioneers in the area of integrated investment appraisal. The firm has 20+ years of experience in conducting cost benefit analysis for World Bank, USAID, African Development Bank, Inter American Development Bank and Governments across the globe. CRI has completed hundreds of project appraisals in more than 20 countries and across various sectors. Our appraisal methodology links financial, economic, stakeholder and risk analysis in one integrated model. The distinguishing feature of our models is the inbuilt reconciliation statement that provides a powerful error checking mechanism.


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